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Enabling evidence-based decision making

At Target Analytics, we are a consulting firm on the leading edge of Business Intelligence & Data Analysis. We support businesses with data and analysis that would help them create a competitive edge in their markets.

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Our Services



Uncover, evaluate, transform & model data

Uncover, transform & model data to discover new opportunities & information critical to business-decision-making. Unveil the full potential of the data you collect to help your business grow.

Reports & Dashboard Creation

Build actionable reports & dashboards

Build new reports & dashboards that visually track, analyze & display KPIs, metrics & essential points of data to monitor your business, clients, and projects.

Data Mining & Cleaning

Detect and remove corrupt data from a database

Detect and remove corrupt, incomplete, or inaccurate data from a database your business relies on. Develop predictive algorithms to fill in the missing data points.

Survey Design & Analysis

Create, distribute, and analyze user-friendly surveys

Create elegant & user-friendly surveys, distribute them, and analyze the responses for optimal participation & results.

Market Research

Conduct research of your products/services

Conduct extensive research on your products/services that allows you to discover trends about your market. We have access to a dozen prominent databases that provide proprietary data.

Industry Analysis

Determine industry complexities

Determine the complexities of your industry; conditions, economic, political, market factors, suppliers & buyers, and the likelihood of new competitors.

Competitive Intelligence

Gather & analyze data about competitors

Gather & analyze market intelligence related to your industry, business environments, competitors, competitive products, pricing, & more.

Smart Lead Generation

Acquire targeted data for lead generation

We save clients countless time & money by developing a targeted lead generation that is optimized by mapping leads to their sources. We obtain the leads by having paid access at the leading lead generation databases.


About Us

At Target Analytics, we are on the leading edge of Business Intelligence & Data Analysis. Our work represents some of the world's largest organizations, and disruptive, emerging startups by providing comprehensive, evidence-based marketing analysis, business analytics, statistical modeling, competitive & market research. Our results speak for themselves – we arm business leaders with the critical data necessary to make strategic decisions to advance their company's growth & innovation.

Our mission is to provide data and analysis that would facilitate your company's growth. We believe that intuition is useful in the business world to the extent to offer ideas on items, factors, and metrics that need to be measured, quantified, and analyzed.

Our vision is having all company decisions being made by compelling and statistically-sound data and evidence


Darsei Canhasi


Darsei Canhasi is a renowned Market Intelligence & Data Analytics Consultant that partners with some of the world’s most respected companies to provide data and analysis that support evidence-based strategic decisions. Successfully collaborated with companies representing a broad range of products and services as disruptive emerging startups to Fortune 100 companies.

As an entrepreneur, Canhasi continuously strives to advance his clients through innovative research, analysis, reporting, and lead generation to aid in their growth initiatives. Since the days of his education and early corporate career, Darsei possessed an unwavering passion for leveraging data to generate tangible insights in new and meaningful ways.

In June 2017, Canhasi quit his full-time job and took the leap into full-time project-based consulting. Currently, he is the Founder & CEO of Target Analytics, LLC, full-service business intelligence and data analytics company located in NYC. He services clients all across the globe, and can often be found traveling the world, working remotely. As an advocate of the gig economy, Darsei truly believes project-based employment is critical to developing the skill set required to thrive in the future of our global workforce.

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